We believe that the Kashmiri people alone, or their representatives duly elected for this purpose, only have the right to decide about the future constitutional, political, social and economic system for the country and its relationship with foreign countries. Any decision forced upon the people of Jammu-Kashmir (by occupation forces) against their national aspirations will not be acceptable in anyway.
The main pillars of the Political ideology of JKLF are:

  1. That Jammu Kashmir State, spread over about 217,000 sq.kms. and comprising Indian occupied areas (Kashmir valley- Jammu & Ladakh provinces), Pakistani controlled parts i.e. Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan is an indivisible political entity and that the State or any of it not a constitutional part of India or Pakistan or of any other country.
  2. That Kashmir Issue is not a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan but concerns the issue of letting Kashmiris exercise their inherent, internationally recognized, pledged, fully deserved and unfettered right of self-determination.
  3. That the right of self –determination of a nation cannot be limited, conditioned or circumscribed.
  4. That no solution of Kashmir issue, not based on free and unfettered will of atleast the majority of the people of the entire State, can be termed as an equitable one.
  5. That the best solution of the issue , is to be re-unite the divided Jammu Kashmir State and make it a fully independent and truly democratic sovereign State. (however we concede that he final status of the State should be subject to the approval by the majority of the people of the entire State through a free and unfettered expression of their will even if such approval is to be taken after independence.)
  6. That all citizens of the entire State should enjoy equal political, economic and social rights and freedom of expression and faith, irrespective of their race, religion, culture and sex.

“The sole objective of JKLF is to struggle, by all means allowed to the subjugated peoples by the UN under its Resolution No 2621, to enable Jammu Kashmir to obtain a respectable place in the comity of nations.”