Diplomatic Bureau of the JKLF

The Diplomatic Bureau of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front-JKLF- is a permanent institution with a central role in the party, to formulate, co-ordinate, and deliver diplomatic strategy for the party. The Bureau carries out its activities within the overall party policy, based on the decisions bythe leadership, and the Supreme Council, and promotes JKLF’s ideology of sovereign status for a reunified Jammu Kashmir. Althougha small constitutional unit within the overall party structure, Diplomatic Bureau carriesan immense weight of responsibility, to maintain party’s policy and ideological focus on the Kashmir issue, in adifficult overall political and diplomatic, regional and international context. Diplomatic Bureau comprises of a five member team, which includes head of the Bureau, the Secretary to the Bureau, and three members. The Chairman of the party appoints the head(also called chairman)and the Secretary of the Bureau,while other three members are appointedwith recommendation, from the head of theBureau. While day to day work of the Diplomatic Bureau is carried out by its members fairly independently, decisions on major policy matters however, are taken inclose consultation with party Chairman, and the senior leadership. The Work of the Diplomatic Bureau is to engage with the international community on the Kashmir issue. Primarily the engagementis premised on seeking support for Kashmiris’ inherent, inalienable, and unfeterred sovereign right to self-determination, and independence, across both sides of the ceasefire line-CfL- known also, as Line of Control- LoC- which has forcibly dividedJammu Kashmir between India and Pakistan since 1947. The Bureau actively makes every effort to engage with member States of the United Nations,and various UN Institutions. It engages with human rights organisations, members of civil society, press and media, trades unions and parliamentarians. The Bureau carries out this engagement through active coordination with party’s political activists, and formally constituted organisationalbodiesin countries with large Kashmiri diaspora especially in the UK, in the EU countries, and in North America. Wherever possible face to face meetings with diplomatic officials, representatives of UN institutions, representatives of human rights organisations are sought, and are preferred. However, the Bureau regularly communicates through correspondence,and other means to interact and contact withgovernments and their diplomatic representatives on the Kashmir issue regularly. Examples of these interactions are available with the link to Bureau’s activities on this website.

About Us:

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front is one of the largest of all Kashmiri organizations advocating for a united and independent Jammu Kashmir State. JKLF came into existance in 1977 and since the spearheaded the movement for an independnet Kashmir. JKLF has its Student and Women Wing who are playing a valiant role in the movement. JKLF has branches in all parts of forcibly occupied and divided Jammu Kashmir beside branches in Middle East, Europe and USA. It has a history of uncompromising resilience and for which more than once its members and leadership shed their lives and many of them facing inhuman treatment by Indian forces.

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