Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front is one of the largest of all Kashmiri organizations advocating for a united and independent Jammu Kashmir State.

JKLF came into existance in 1977 and since the spearheaded the movement for an independnet Kashmir. JKLF has its Student and Women Wing who are playing a valiant role in the movement. JKLF has branches in all parts of forcibly occupied and divided Jammu Kashmir beside branches in Middle East, Europe and USA. It has a history of uncompromising resilience and for which more than once its members and leadership shed their lives and many of them facing inhuman treatment by Indian forces.

“We believe that the Kashmiri people alone, or their representatives duly elected for this purpose, only have the right to decide about the future constitutional, political, social and economic system for the country and its relationship with foreign countries. Any decision forced upon the people of Jammu-Kashmir (by occupation forces) against their national aspirations will not be acceptable in anyway.”