Jammu Kashmir Students Liberation Front ( JKSLF) is the student wing of JKLF was formed in Karachi, Pakistan on April 1987 by Amanullah Khan after his arrival there following his deportation from |England .and its first conveneor was Tahir Hameed. JKSLF staged a protest demonstration outside Indian Consulate General where the demonstrators were baton charged and about 50 of them arrested. Its activities were extended to Azad Kashmir in 1988 and it was established in Indian-held Kashmir in 1989. It is the only Kashmiri student organization which has been engaged in the freedom struggle quite actively at whose members have been killed by the armed and security forces of both India and Pakistan and who have been arrested by the governments of both the countries. Mr. Pervez Mirza, ex-Chairman of JKSLF spent 42 months in Indian held Kashmir prisons. One of its founder member Chaudhry Jamil was martyred by Indian army in Srinagar whereas three members Raja Sajjad , Mushtaq Munir Rathore and Azad Ali Khohar were martyred by Pakistan army during JKLF’s attempt to cross the ceasefire line enmasse and unarmed in 1992. JKSLF ha so far staged dozens of protest demonstrations in Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta , Peshawar and all in all districts headquarters of Azad Kashmir besides in front of UN s offices and Indian High Commission in Islamabad. A group of JKSLF mebers cycled from Karachi to Rawalpindi, about 150 kms. Distributing leaflets and protesting against gross violation of human rights by India in her occupied part of Kashmir. Thousands of JKSLF members took part in mass march towards the cease fire line on February 11-12, 1992 and participated in the subsequent two marches. Thousands of SLF members demonstrated in Islamabad following the arrest of Amanullah Khan in Brussels in October 1993 where a big number of them was arrested after being baton-charged and tear gassed by Islamabad police. JKSLF also convened a conference of almost all Kashmir student organizations in Rawalpindi in 1995 and formed a United Students Front ( MTM) to further the cause of freedom and to struggle for rights of students, It was the first and the only Kashmiri student organization which staged demonstration in front of Pakistan Television (PTV) stations in Islamabad, Peshawar , Muzaffarabad, Lahore , Quetta and Karachi as a protest against PTV showing Gilgit-Baltistan as parts of Pakistan. JKSLF also took active part in Anti-Election Campaign organized by JKLF during Azad Kashmir elctions in June 1996. It staged a protest demonstration in front of Pakistan’s reported consent to division of Jammu Kashmir State. It joined JKLF to stage protest demonstration in front of Indian High Commission Islamabad on March 26 and 30, 1996 in which 37 JKLF members including Shabbir Siddiqui, President and Basharat Raza , the Commander –in-Chief were killed. Islamabad police used tear gas and baton charged demonstrators before arresting 52 of them who remained in prison for about two weeks.JKSLF has played a pivotal role in all campaigns of JKLF whether its anti- election campaign or for march towards CFL. JKLSF , in real sense, is a nursery of JKLF where the young blood is equipped with ideology and trained to lead to lead. Therefore at this very moment many of the JKLF leadership came through that nursery and playing an important in movement and organization. The old are replaced with new ones with high spirits.