JKLF Europe Zone held protest demonstrations

on 5th & 15th August 2020 in fron of Indian Embassy in Belium Brussels


We believe that the Kashmiri people alone, or their representatives duly elected for this purpose, only have the right to decide about the future constitutional, political, social and economic system for the country and its relationship with foreign countries. Any decision forced upon the people of Jammu-Kashmir (by occupation forces) against their national aspirations will not be acceptable in anyway. Read More


For over seven decades, people of Jammu Kashmir have been living a life of endless misery and pain. Since partition of the sub-continent , and emergence of independent India and Pakistan, erstwhile independent and prosperous Kingdom of Jammu Kashmir has become embroiled in turmoil, and a place of misery for its people whose fundamental human rights are violated on daily basis, and tens of thousands of families have lost their loved ones, while children going to school are subjected to checks by soldiers at military check posts. Over the recent years, and in particular the Indian occupied part of Jammu Kashmir, the state has become the most militarised country in the world.Read More

Diplomatic Bureau of the JKLF

The Diplomatic Bureau of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front-JKLF- is a permanent institution with a central role in the party, to formulate, co-ordinate, and deliver diplomatic strategy for the party. The Bureau carries out its activities within the overall party policy, based on the decisions bythe leadership, and the Supreme Council, and promotes JKLF’s ideology of sovereign status for a reunified Jammu Kashmir. Althougha small constitutional unit within the overall party structure, Read More

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JKLF Europe Zone arranged a protest demonstration in front of European Union Parliament

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Europe Zone arranged a protest demonstration in front of European Union Parliament against the atrocities perpetrated by Indian forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir. On 5th August 2019 Modi abrogated Article 370 and 35A of Kashmir and made Kashmi part of Indian Union. Yasin Malik vehementaly resisted this act of Modi government which resulted in his arrest. He is right now in Tihar jail, Delhi. Malik is facing immense pressure and inhuman treatment of Indian forces forcing him to recognize the Modi government’s act regarding Kashmir. He has been booked under PSA and TADA in cases framed 30 years ago. He has been deprived of his legal right to be heard physically instead he is presented through video link conference where he can neither hear the arguments of lawyers nor being allowed to speak.

About Us:

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front is one of the largest of all Kashmiri organizations advocating for a united and independent Jammu Kashmir State. JKLF came into existance in 1977 and since the spearheaded the movement for an independnet Kashmir. JKLF has its Student and Women Wing who are playing a valiant role in the movement. JKLF has branches in all parts of forcibly occupied and divided Jammu Kashmir beside branches in Middle East, Europe and USA. It has a history of uncompromising resilience and for which more than once its members and leadership shed their lives and many of them facing inhuman treatment by Indian forces.

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