JKLF Press Release

(Central Information Office) Dated: 23-06-2020

The forcible extinction of national identity of the State of Jammu Kashmir (JK), which has its own national existence, internationally recognized and locally accepted boundaries, more than five thousand years old written history, Kashmiri and other local languages, multi-religion based national values and traditions, and national ethos, shall be resisted tooth and nail with the help of people’s power. Reacting strongly over the proposed 14th Amendment in the Azad Jammu Kashmir Legislative Assembly Interim Constitution Act 1974, the acting chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Mr. Abdul Hameed Butt stated that irrespective of our political ideologies, the act curtails the people’s rights by further limiting the rights of the constituent assembly of AJK. While rejecting the 14th amendment, Abdul Hameed Butt termed it against the principles of peoples fundamental and birth right of freedom, right of sovereignty, right of self-determination and democracy.

In a statement issued from the party central information office over the debate generated among the masses on the issue, the acting JKLF chairman while representing the hurt feelings and aspirations of the people expressed that the proposed 14th amendment is tantamount to snatching the fundamental political and democratic rights of people. He said, it is certain that likewise the 5th August 2019 Indian unilateral act backed by military aggression, the 14th amendment too will further diminish the rest of the preserved national identity of the State of JK at institutional level. Leaving aside the popular slogan of freedom or accession, the implementation of the proposed act will not only limit the chances of exercise of fundamental right of plebiscite but may also force people to accept the current forcible and temporary division of the State as its permanent solution, he added. Abdul Hameed Butt while warning the authorities said that this will be termed as betrayal with the freedom loving people of the State especially with blood of martyrs, for years together imprisoned Kashmiri freedom fighters in Indian Jails including chairman JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik, Kashmiri women whose chastity was molested and especially with father of the nation Shaheed Muhammad Maqbool Butt and Shaheed Muhammad Afzal Guroo who embraced martyrdom while they were hanged in Indian Tihar Jail.
Abdul Hameed Butt while further commenting on the 14th amendment explained that its implementation under the cover of law will be taken as the illicit phase wise annexation of the State of JK that itself goes against the spirit of article 257 of the constitution of Pakistan and deprives the people to establish its nature of relationship with Pakistan after the freedom is achieved. For the sake of preserving the national identity of JK, he appealed to all political, social, religious and civil society representatives who stand for the oneness and oppose any kind of division of the State to come forward at this crucial juncture and play their role. He further said that this time it is not the question of freedom or accession but of national identity that as a Kashmiri is dear to us all. While warning the people who are ready to sacrifice the national identity of their motherland for petty personal and political interests of remaining in power, JKLF acting chairman said that they cannot lure the people of Kashmir who are not ready to accept this betrayal. On the occasion he directed his world over spread party workers and leaders to remain steadfast and vigilant, and appealed the people of AJK and Gilgit Baltistan (GB) to let they play their instrumental role in making any such attempt a failure that leads to damage our national identity.

The JKLF acting chairman Abdul Hameed Butt while reiterating its party stand and for the benefit of people demanded establishment of AJK and GB based joint national revolutionary government after the abrogation of interim constitution act 1974. This national revolutionary government shall work for the development, progress and prosperity of the area with fullest of basic human rights to the people and in accordance with the set international and local norms take forward the freedom struggle of the areas under Indian occupation.

In the meantime while expressing his heartfelt sorrows over the deaths of close relatives of a number of party leaders, Abdul Hameed Butt extended his condolences to all of them. He prayed for magfirah and highest place in Jannah for all the deceased especially in favor of uncle of Abrar Nisar (Senior Vice President UK Zone), father of Intizar Naqvi (Acting President of Kingdom of Saudi Arab Branch, Gulf Zone), brother-in-law of Jahangir Mirza (District President Bagh), mother of Zameer Kashmir (President Khamees Musheet Unit Al-Riyadh, KSA), brother of Sajid Yousuf (UK based JKLF leader and prominent journalist), mother of Shabir A. Sheikh (JKLF leader Samahni), father-in-law of Asif Hashmi and father of JKLF women leader Nusrat Qureshi.